Head To Toe Salon - They bring you in a dirty basement to wax with contaminated product

Barnegat Township, New Jersey 1 comment
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I went to head to toe salon for a Brazilian wax while I was on vacation.The "owner" sarah, brought me in a dirty basement with hairry red couches that smelled like mildue for my service.

I could see in the nasty laundry room that was filthy! She had me strip down and used old pink wax that had no cover with stuff floating on it! Then she had me turn over, get on all 4s"doggy style" and hold my butt cheeks apart while she waxed my backside! I have never experianed anything like this in my 15 years of brazillian waxes!

I was so grossed out and embarassed I was speechless!Not to mention it was the most expensive wax I've ever had

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Keepin it real

I was in dire need! We were going to be boating and it was the only place I could get in around the area! I would nt recommend this place to my worst enemy :?

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